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Super Visa whch is also known as ‘Parent and Grandparent Super Visa’ is a long-term, multiple-entry visa for parents and grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens. The Super Visa which is valid for 10 years is a temporary resident permit that allows parents and/or grandparents to stay for up to 2 years in Canada per visit as compared to a regular multiple-entry visa is also valid for up to 10 years, but only allows stays of up to 6 months per visit.

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We can help applicants around the world to get a super visa smoothly. We make sure that all the required documents are submitted when applying for the Super Visa for your parents and/or grandparents to avoid any delay or refusal in the application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A super visa is for the parents or grandparents of permanent/Canadian residents.
  • You must clear the medical tests, if any.
  • A private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company valid for at least one year.
  • A letter of financial support from their child/grandchild in Canada.
  • A bank statement with funds according to the size of the family.

Super Visa or the ‘Parent and Grandparent Super Visa’ is a multiple-entry visa for parents/grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens. It allows for stay up to 2 years per visit.

The difference lies in the length of stay per visit. A super visa allows up to a 2 year stay per visit. While a multiple entry visa allows stay of up to just 6 months per visit.

Yes. You can cancel your family sponsorship application any time. And yes, you can apply for a super visa.