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Family sponsorship

Sponsor your family to come live with you.

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Reuniting families

Canada is committed to unite families under its family reunification program for Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents. The intent of the family class immigration program, commonly known as Family Sponsorship is to reunite eligible Canadian citizens and permanent residents with close family members. By undertaking to support sponsored members of the family class, the sponsor promises that, for a specified duration, they will provide for the basic needs of their family members so they do not have to rely on social assistance.

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Our highly qualified and experienced team can help applicants around the world to get a Family Sponsorship smoothly. We understand the pain of living far away from your loved ones and that’s why we be extra cautious and will do our best with your Family Sponsorship applications.

Eligibility to sponsor

Evaluate your eligibility to sponsor your family members.

Eligibility to be sponsored

Evaluate your eligibility to get sponsored by a family member in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a sponsor, you need to be a permanent resident in Canada or citizen over the age of 18. You must reside in Canada, unless you are a citizen currently living abroad or planning to reside in Canada once your sponsored family member arrives.

Family sponsorship helps permanent residents or citizens of Canada bring their family members to Canada. Your close ones can now become permanent residents of Canada.

  • To be sponsored, he/she must be-
  • A parent or grandparent
  • A dependent child
  • A nephew, niece, or sibling
  • A grandchild under 18 years of age, who’s unmarried and whose parents are deceased


You don’t need a “job” necessarily, but you must meet the minimum income requirements. A sponsor must provide proof of sufficient income from the previous 3 years.



Yes. You can cancel your family sponsorship application any time. And yes, you can apply for a super visa.

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